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Hand made Tibetan Turquoise Silver Ring

Sky Stone Ring

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Hand Made Eco Silver and Turquoise Ring made with a unique triangle setting.

More info on the beautiful TIBETAN TURQUOISE stone..

It comes from the Himalayas where it is known as the sky stone.The Tibetans believe it connects the earth and the heavens. For thousands of years, Tibetan Turquoise has been prized and coveted by Tibetan and Nepalese people for its alluring beauty and spiritual values. Each piece displays a striking colour and unique pattern, caused by the matrix showing through on the finished pieces and created by mother nature.

Almost every person living in the Himalayas will have a piece of Turquoise, if not multiple pieces. For them, it’s a very spiritual thing to own, and it’s the most prized gemstone in this part of the world. Tibetans have valued the stone in this way since at least 1,000 BC. It has been used as a token of love between people and is thought to protect both the person giving the gem and the person who received it as a gift.

This will be made for you and you'll choose the piece of Turquoise.

Once you have ordered please let me know your ring size. If you don't know your size then please let me know and I will send you a ring sizer at no extra cost.

I will then contact you with pictures so you can choose your gorgeous piece of Turquoise.


*Hand Made Jewellery made in Wales*